ESOS Lead assessor

ESOS Lead Assessor.

ESOS is an energy assessment and energy savings scheme that applies to larger organisations in the UK. ESOS was established by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014.

Why Select Us?

Woodend Safety and Sustainability fully meet the specifications and qualifications required to be a lead assessor under these regulations. So why select us to carry out your ESOS assessment?

We are registered as being an ESOS assessor in the Government database of recognised assessors.
We are experienced in various types of energy profiles for commercial and industrial buildings.
Qualified to MSc level in Sustainable Energy Technologies.
Qualified to carry out building assessments relating to structure and use.
Qualified to carry out transport energy audits.
Provide a cost effective service to customers.
Can provide EPC's based on dynamic simulation of the concerned.
Will utilise dynamic simulation, thermal imaging and experience in providing recemmendations to reduce costs and CO2.
Being on the ESOS register of assessors allows us to be qualified as experts in energy efficiency

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