Dwelling pressure testing

Building Pressure tests

Pressure tests of domestic buildings carried out to the requirements of the Building standards Officer. 

Woodend Safety and Sustainability are recognised and registered with iATs to carry out this function. iATs are one of the two organisations recognised as being suitable to allow its members to carry out these tests to new build dwellings in Scotland.


Building pressure tests are a measure of the air tightness of your new home. The less air that leaks from your home the more efficient your new home should be. Where the design air leakage in Scotland is less than 5.0 m3/m2/h a whole house ventilation system is required to ensure the carbon dioxide levels within the home do not drop to unhealthy levels for the occupants. Where customers work with Woodend Safety and sustainability we will advise builders at key stages of construction regarding air tightness queries. Building pressure tests are carried out at times suitable for the builders and clients.

On completion of the test a certificate is provided that is recognised by Building Standards Officers in Scotland.

Copies of certificates relating to calibration certificates and competence of the tester can be forwarded where this is requested from Building Standards Officers.

Costs of Pressure tests

A typical building pressure test costs £200.00 + VAT. If you require a quote please contact us and provide basic details relating to the location, size, number of tests to be carried out and when the tests are to be carried out.

Remember if Woodend Safety and Sustainability are selected to provide the PV system for the new build house we carry out the building pressure test as part of that package, i.e. it is provided free of charge.
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